KARACHI - Sindh Minister for Energy Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh Monday told that the provincial government was running a campaign to create awareness among the people about the usage of electricity, keeping in mind its shortage.

Furnishing replies to the lawmakers’ written and verbal quires during the question hour, Shaikh stressed upon the need of electricity saving and said that they were letting the people know how to save the electricity. He added that they were working on promoting the use of LED bulbs through Directorate of Power Development (PDS) as per the guidelines of National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) for creating awareness amongst consumers on the effective use of energy efficiency.  “In order to circulate the awareness in the masses, PDS in collaboration with Indus University had conducted a joint seminar on in May 2018,” the minister added.

The Grand Democratic Alliance MPA Arif Mutufa Jatoi asked as if the government has plans to subsidise the sale of LED bulbs to facilitate the consumers, asking that how could a poor man afford a LED bulb worth Rs 700. “Right now, we don’t have a plan to give subsidy on those bulbs,” Shaikh replied while adding that the government was planning to establish a full-fledged Directorate of Sindh Energy Efficiency and Conservation for creating awareness as well as enforcing energy efficiency and conservation.

To another question, the minister said that the provincial government has nothing to do K-Electric as the power utility was independently working under the administrative control of the federal government. He informed that the centre has three directors in the K-Electric Board of directors and the provincial government had requested that at least one director from Sindh should be included to monitor the operational capabilities of the KE which has not  been considered yet. The minster added that the Sindh government has established 100 MW Gas turbine power project for supply of electricity to the K-E and for this a 95-kilo meters transmission line has also been built by Sindh Transmission Dispatch Company (STDC).



He was of the view that the K-E was privatized by the federal government in 2006 with the core objective to reduce losses and provide relief to the people of Karachi. “The power utility claims that it has have invested two billion US dollars, added 1057 MW since its privatization and reduced losses from 36 per cent to 20 per cent, Shaikh said while making it very clear that these claims needed to be verified by the federal government.