LONDON-'Cinderella' actress Lily James has revealed she has a burning ambition to step behind the camera and become a director. Lily James wants to become a director in the future.

The 29-year-old actress is keen to move behind the camera eventually, initially by getting involved in the production side of the film business before moving on to make her own movies because she wants to have complete artistic control over a big screen project. Speaking to the new issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine - of which she is the cover star - she said: ''Maybe I'm meant to be a producer? Produce first, and then if I find the right book, direct. I'm always trying to find books. A lot of actors feel, once they've made the film, that's it, my job's done. But I get jealous of the director in the edit. It tortures me and I really try to contribute. I'm a real perfectionist - which probably limits me - but I do feel I'd be quite good in the edit.''

Lily's directing ambition was partly inspired when she worked on 'Little Woods' under the guidance of female director Nia DaCosta. She said: ''For our wrap gifts, we all got caps saying 'The Future is Female'. We're already on that vibe, you know?''

The 'Baby Driver' star has followed the progress of the #MeToo and Time's Up campaigns closely and she believes both movements have brought about more equality in the movie industry but she still thinks there's a long way to go for genuine quality between the sexes in Hollywood.

She said: ''Of course, there have been times when I can relate to attitudes and behaviour. But I think things are definitely changing. People are more likely to speak out and know they will be listened to. ''When you see [the statistics] in black and white, you can't believe how imbalanced it is.''

While the 'Cinderella' actress has previously been reluctant to insist on inclusion riders in her contract, which request a certain level of diversity in the cast and crew, because she was worried about being perceived as difficult, but she thinks she needs to take a different stance.

She said: ''I guess everyone needs to be doing it. Screw agreeability, screw feeling like you're not worthy of demanding what is right.''