Members of the UK Cabinet believe that UK Prime Minister Theresa May will resign this summer, promptly after the country's planned withdrawal from the European Union, local media reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed senior Cabinet officials.

May told Conservative lawmakers in December that she was going to resign before the next general election, slated for 2022. However, she has not set a date for her intended resignation.

According to the sources of The Sun newspaper, May has given related hints to at least two senior figures in the Cabinet, including International Trade Secretary Liam Fox. She reportedly plans to leave her position at a time of her choice in order to influence who will be her successor.

"Liam is convinced she'll go this summer. He says everything the PM [Prime Minister] has told him suggests that… She’s determined to ensure the right person follows her, and she'll have no say at all if it gets to the stage of forcing her out," one of the sources told The Sun.

Another source added that nobody actually knew "Theresa's real thinking."

Yet another source voiced the belief that May's resignation would be a right step.

"Everybody wants her to get Brexit over the line, which will be a substantial legacy, but then that will be it…There’s a big feeling now that she has run out of road. All her capital is burnt, both here and in Brussels, and someone else needs to pick up the reins from there with a new mandate," a Conservative lawmaker said.

May's move will be largely perceived as a bid to impede former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson from coming to power, The Sun suggested. 

The United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union in late March. The two sides have reached a withdrawal deal. However, it has not yet been approved by UK lawmakers, prompting fears of a no-deal Brexit both in Brussels and in London.

UK lawmakers will hear from the Prime Minister on 13 February, as she will either bring a revised deal to the House or make a statement on the state of the negotiations. A motion then will be put forward on 14 February, giving MPs a chance to vote on the PM's Brexit plans.