ISLAMABAD  -   Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) on Monday finally inaugurated its own infection free incinerators to dispose of the medical waste of the hospital, officials said.

Federal minister for National Health Services (NHS) along with incinerators also inaugurated a nursing cell, separate oncology ward for caner patents, a pharmacy at cardiac centre and a renovated surgical ward here.

The installation of incinerators at PIMS was pending for years and Supreme Court (SC) had also issued directions to install the equipment on early basis.

The environment protection tribunal, previous year, had also imposed Rs1million fine on hospital for damaging the environment on non-installation of incinerators.

Sources said that the already installed incinerators had become dysfunctional because of administrative negligence and financial irregularities found in their installment at the hospital.

Sources said that the hospital was lacking its own incinerator for almost a decade and the infectious medical waste was being outsourced to a Rawalpindi based company National Cleaner Production Center (NCPC) owned by Attock Refinery.

Officials said that hospital was annually paying around Rs10million on the rate of Rs80kg to the NCPC for disposing its infectious medical waste.

Officials said that PIMS has 1,000 beds in the hospital and produces above 200 kg infectious medical waste on daily basis.

The infectious waste, includes blood products, body parts, tissues, surgical gloves, needles, scalpels, liquids, paper, plastics, and other trash.

PIMS spokesperson Dr. Waseem Khawaja talking to The Nation said that He said that both incinerators were installed at the cost of above Rs50million and each incinerator has the capacity to burn 80-100kg waste in an hour. 

He also said that the hospital administration has set a reasonable rate for disposing the infectious medical waste to facilitate the hospitals and clinics of twin cities.

He said that PIMS will charge Rs50 per kg for disposing the material.

Dr Waseem added that the supplier of the incinerators will ensure its maintenance for three years.

Statement issued by NHS stated that government is taking all measures for improving health services at PIMS.

Federal minister for NHS Aamer Mehmmod Kiyani while inaugurating new facilities said that government will support all future endeavors undertaken by PIMS management to further strengthen its services and infrastructure.

He said PIMS has successfully installed and made functional two Environment Protection Agency (EPA) approved incinerators. These incinerators will not only ensure safe disposal of infectious waste onsite in PIMS thereby reducing costs but also provide environmental safety.

Minister said expanding and improving existing patient services is on the cards of government, further milestones achieved by the Government to renovated PIMS include a dedicated ward for oncology patients with more than 100% increase in bed strength, a fully renovated Surgical Ward 1.

A separate ward for Oncology/Chemotherapy has been prepared comprising of 18 beds and with this marvelous facility it is expected that admission as well as treatment issues of deserving will addressed, said the Minister. The Minister added that dedicated pharmacy for cardiology patients is established and this will facilitate patients as well as their attendants to get the relevant medicines in the light of hospital formulary from the pharmacy without any additional efforts.  

The Minister said The Surgical Ward-1 is now very comfortable for the patients, attendants, doctors, nurses and other ancillary staff. Previously only 47 beds were available for admission and now after renovation 54 admissions can be made.

While launching the Nursing Cell, federal minister said that Nurses are a vital component of patient services; our government’s vision is to strengthen their capacity.

The Nursing Cell being inaugurated today will consolidate nursing administrative services in an organized way thus ensuring efficient management practices.