ISLAMABAD  -   The ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Monday assured its major coalition partner, MQM-P, that all its concerns and grievances would be addressed.

MQM-P’s delegation was assured in a meeting with a senior PTI’s member to address their all grievances including proper representation in parliamentary bodies and one more chairmanship in standing committee, a senior member of MQM-P on condition of anonymity shared with The Nation.

The PTI’s senior members, he said, assured to address the concerns before the start of upcoming National Assembly session. The National Assembly session has been summoned on 18th February.

The major allied partner (MQM-P) had recently expressed their annoyance for not getting their due share in the recently formed parliamentary bodies.

The political party had even threatened not to become part of any National Assembly standing committees if their grievances were not addressed immediately. They were expecting chairmanships of two main parliamentary bodies but could get headship of only one.

The 36 standing committees of the National Assembly were formed the other day (Wednesday) after the delay of around five months, as the opposition parties were not sharing names of their party members for representation in the body.

MQM-P’s senior member had shared with this newspaper that his party members would not become part of any National Assembly Standing Committee till the concerned authorities agreed to address their concerns.

MQM-P has not only grievances about chairmanships of standing committees but they also complained that their party members were not adjusted properly.

The 36 standing committees of National Assembly were recently formed after the delay of couple of months.

With average 20 members in each, the committees include maximum members from ruling PTI while the number of PML-N stands at second and PPP-P is third in this row.

As per rules, the committees have to be constituted within 30 days after the election of leader of the house. The deadline expired on September 18.

Sources said the government will hold another meeting to address grievances of its coalition partners before the start of upcoming national assembly session. Political gurus said PTI government is not in a position to annoy its coalition partners as already the opposition party had threatened to destabilise the government. As PPP-P Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari had openly urged the media to support the opposition’s attempt to overthrow the PTI government. Most of the standing committees of the National Assembly have also been summoned to hold initial meeting to elect chairman of the body.