TOBA TEK SINGH-PTI regained its Punjab Assembly seat of PP-123 with a narrow margin of only nine votes, following a recount of votes of all the 209 polling station carried out on the Supreme Court orders.

Pirmahal Returning Officer (RO) Shahwar Amin Wahga declared PTI candidate Sonia Ali Raza as winner and PML-N MPA Pir Qutab Ali Baba as loser. He issued Form 49 after completion of recounting of votes ordered by the Supreme Court (SC). The RO announced that Sonia has a lead of nine votes over MPA Baba.

According to Form 49, winner Sonia secured 53,132 and defeated Pir Qutab Ali Baba who got 53123 votes.

It is to be mentioned here that after July 25 general elections, Sonia was declared winner by the RO with the lead of 70 votes but in recounting which was held under the LHC order on the petition of Baba, he was declared winner with the margin of 17 votes. Later PTI candidate Sonia had filed a petition in the SC against the recounting of only 21 polling stations in which Baba was declared as winner. Taking up the petition, the SC ordered recounting of vote of all 209 polling stations of teh constituency. The RO had sent his report to ECP in which he had included version of both MPA Baba and defeated PTI candidate Sonia.

The ECP had directed RO that he was authorised to issue a notification after completion of the recounting.

Against ECP’s order and RO’s report Baba had filed petition before LHC seeking an order to again recount the votes of remaining 21 polling stations and on LHC judge justice Muzammal Akhtar Shabbir had disposed of his petition with the direction to ECP and RO to obey the orders of the Supreme Court (SC).

After the issuance of Form 49 scores of PTI activists burst into celebrations on Pirmahal-Sindhillianwali roads, chanting slogans in favour of PTI winning candidate Sonia Raza while they also played fireworks in jubilation. When contacted Baba informed that he has already filed an appeal in the SC on Monday against the LHC order and termed issuance of Form 49 by the RO was against the laws.

One killed, two injured

for resistance

A man was killed while his brother and a friend were wounded at Gojra. Gojra Saddr police said that deceased Rab Nawaz of Chak 316/JB Talwandi was on his way to home from Gojra on a motorcycle along with his brother Haq Nawaz and a friend named Imran. When they reached near Chak 313/JB Roopo Wali, three outlaws intercepted them at gunpoint but they offered resistance over which they opened fire at them. As a result, deceased Rab Nawaz was injured critically while both others also sustained injuries due to torture by the dacoits. They all were rushed to Gojra THQ Hospital where doctors referred Rab Nawaz to Faisalabad Allied Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.