A reform in the health sector also largely involves improvement in the current set up. The body responsible for the policies which affect both public and private hospitals in Pakistan is the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has requested the government of Pakistan to abolish the Presidential ordinance regarding the PMDC. This request has been put forth because the 2019 PMDC ordinance requires a 17-member handpicked council to be nominated to run its affairs with absolute powers. This ordinance has been rejected because these members are not necessarily associated with the field of medicine. Once the heads of any organisations do not understand the nitty-gritty of the work, it is difficult to come up with holistic policies which can actually improve the setup.

At this point, one of the issues plaguing the hospitals themselves is quackery. At Nishtar Hospital in Multan, a total of eight fake doctors have been arrested. The recent arrest involved a man who introduced himself as a doctor of surgery but the hospital had no record of him whatsoever. Once confronted by the police officials, he confessed that he was a mediator of the private clinics, urging people to go there instead and earned a commission as a result. Problems like these and many more, which are evident in the day to day reality of the hospitals, are better understood by those in the field. They can be overcome by appointing individuals who understand the work environment and the hurdles in development.

PMA-centre secretary general Dr Qaiser Sajjad said, “We want an autonomous, independent, honest, ethical and democratic PMDC”. This body will comprise of 35 members which will not be randomly picked. Out of these 35, at least 24 should be elected by the doctors themselves. Having more people on board will allow the diversity in the profession to be represented along with ensuring that development touches all fronts. This will also encompass both public and private doctors so that no area is left untouched. The government needs to mobilise the concerned authorities as soon as possible to ensure a steady transition and effective working of the medical body.