LODHRAN-Multan Regional Police Officer (RPO) Wasim Ahmed Khan said while addressing a Community Policing Convention in Lodhran that Multan region was the only region in the country where not even a single case of land grabbing was registered during the last three months.

Deputy Commissioner Rao Imtiaz Ahmed, DPO Malik Jameel Zafar, Federal Parliamentary Secretary Mian Shafiq Araeen and other police officers participated in the convention held in the lawn of District Council.

The RPO said that he had issued clear directions to all the police officers in the region to act according to the orders of local courts, Revenue Department, and Deputy Commissioner regarding land grabbing issues, and the police themselves must not become a party in such matters. He said that the people of all the districts of Multan division were peace-loving; and adding that with increase in population, public assistance was a key to the success of community policing with limited sources available. He pointed out that Numberdar was an important person of a village, and his cooperation with police was crucial. “Numberdars should organise community watch in their areas,” the RPO stressed. He said that at each police station, a community room had been established so that in petty disputes people could arbitrate the situation prior to the registration of cases. He added that the facilitation counter in hospitals was a good effort; people must inform the police about an incident or crime on 15 so that call record could be saved. “In accordance with the facilitation centres, a police vehicle will visit each village once a week and resolve public issues concerning police at their doorsteps,” the RPO stated.

He said: “It is our effort to eliminate the fear of police in common people and provide friendly atmosphere; and with this spirit and intention school students will be invited to visit police stations once a week.” He added: “Strict action will be taken against tout mafia and bribery.”

Earlier, Deputy Commissioner Rao Imtiaz Ahmed and DPO Malik Jameel Zafar welcomed RPO Wasim Ahmed Khan and appreciated his efforts to provide relief to the people through community policing. A smart contingent of police saluted the RPO on his arrival at District Council. On the occasion, the RPO listened to public complaints and issued orders for their solution.

Later, during a meeting with police officers from all over the district at DPO Office, he said that they should make their behaviour pleasant and friendly with people. “Soon we will present Lodhran district as a model district in regard to pleasant behaviour,” he said.