Imran Khan- the elected Prime Minister of Pakistan- selected Mr. Usman Buzdar as the Chief Minister of the Punjab province some five months ago. When his selection was being criticized by many including politicians, journalists, analysts, citizens, etc., Mr. Khan came to his defense by saying that he would turn out to be the Wasim Akram of the province through his excellent performance.

Unfortunately, during the last five months, Mr. Buzdar has proved to be a worthless and visionless Chief Minister as, with each passing day, it is becoming very difficult for him to run all the affairs of the province in an effective manner through his bold and independent approach. In other words, he has not been able to take a single wicket (any single worth mentionable achievement) in the last five innings (during the last five months). Rather, he has performed poorly at all the fronts (bowling, batting and fielding).

Since Mr. Buzdar is not an effective Chief Minister of Punjab, there is a serious lack of leadership in the province as during the last five months he has proven to be a puppet Chief Minister. In other words, he is being dictated either by the prime minister or by other influential ministers of the Punjab province. This is not a good sign for the people of the largest province in the country.

During the last five months, I have noticed that Mr. Buzdar is not only a weak Chief Minister but also an incompetent politician. While facing the journalists in press conferences, he often gets confused over all the questions and fails to properly respond to the questions asked by journalists. This also shows that his understanding level is very poor. Most of the time he responds with one-line answers which are mostly very vague.

The province of Punjab need a very strong, visionary, committed and hard working person who can run all the affairs effectively. Looking at the present lot of politicians and ministers in the Punjab, I think Dr. Yasmin Rashid is the best choice for the Chief Minister. I am of firm belief that the weak Chief Minister in Punjab would weaken PTI’s image in the province, which would ultimately have its effect on the poor delivery of the federal government.


Karachi, January 22.