ISLAMABAD - Domestic production of vegetable ghee and cooking oil during first five months of current financial year grew by 3.49 percent and 3.24 respectively as compared to production of the corresponding period of last year. During the period for July-November, 2018-19 about 580,602 metric tons of vegetable ghee was produced in the country to fulfill the domestic requirements as well as for exporting as against the production of 561,017 metric tons of the same period of last year. According to the provisional Quantum Index Numbers of Large Scale Manufacturing Industries (QIM) released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, domestic production of vegetable ghee was recorded at 110,174 metric tons in November, 2018 as compared 107,891 metric tons of the corresponding month of last year. Meanwhile, 161,025 metric tons of cooking oil was produced in first five months as compared to 155,977 metric tons of same period of last year, showing 3.24 percent growth.

During the month of November, 2018, about 31,206 metric tons of cooking oil was manufactured as against the 30,467 metric tons of same month of last year.