ISLAMABAD-The Excise and Taxation department Islamabad has seized 14 vehicles stolen from Rawalpindi from time-to-time, which came for registration at the office.

According to the officials, the vehicles were taken to the Excise Department for registration/transfer and were found to be on radar of the office for stolen vehicles. Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat said that some of the chassis numbers of the vehicles were tampered. “During inspection, the vehicles were found to be stolen,” he said, adding that the Excise Department has the system to trace stolen vehicles from across the country.

He said the vehicles were being handed over to the Rawalpindi police to return them to the owners, adding that efforts were underway to arrest the culprits as well. He informed that the department had earlier handed over two stolen vehicles to Islamabad and Rawalpindi police each. The deputy commissioner said that the department had been continuing a campaign against non-customs paid, ‘cut-and-weld’, and stolen vehicles. He said the vehicles were detected during physical inspection. The vehicles bore fake number plates as “APL-019”, “NX-386”. All the vehicles were of Toyota made, the pictures of the vehicles suggested.