LAHORE                   -              The famous industrialist and chairman of Multan dry Port trust Khawaja Jalaludin Rumi has demanded from PM Imran Khan to revoke the ban on axle load which has made masses even more vulnerable with the soaring prices of commodities and unemployment.

He further added that transportation ministry has introduced the axle load law without any consideration under which a truck would only be allowed to bear the weight of 14 ton which was previously 28.

The government’s initiative would double the transportation cost of goods which will directly affect the masses.

Khawaja Jalaludin Rumi said that increase in petroleum products rates every month is contributing in inflation. This initiative would further raise the prices of goods which would be heavy on everyone’s pocket.

This would not only harm the exporters but also the domestic business holders.

Once this law is enacted, 50000 more trucks would be required for the transportation of goods that would add considerable cost and environmental hazards.

He suggested that in order to maintain and secure the road network, government should upgrade the railway track and initiate the cargo trains which would be a cheaper mode of transportation for agricultural and other goods that will also proving relief to the public.

He said this issue has to be addressed at earliest to secure the interests of industrialists, business class and general public.