Issues of technology


Did we think ever about the relation of parents and relatives with us? All we know that this a technological world. Mostly people are busy in their personal life while using internet mobile and laptop etc. They never spent time with their parents and children. They are doing work just like a machine. They do not notice what is happening in surrounding.

It is a big issue among people that they are prisoner for the work and office and the young generation is also addicted of electronics accessories and internet. They are busy in mobile whole day and wasting their time in such rubbish activities like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. They should spent a lot of time with their parents to make themselves a good person for the society. Too many parents have such issue with their children. They do complain that their children has been stuck in electronics media. We are not saying that it is not beneficial but excessive use of this is harmful so is should be controlled.




Absence of sincerity


About some weeks ago, Sindh Public Commission Service (SPSC) announced various posts for Irrigation Department of Sindh. As, this advertisement jobs are related to the agriculture engineering students who study four years about it. However, eligibility has given to the civil engineering candidates in lieu of agriculture students. Besides underestimating us, there is no any single vacant post for agriculture student in this advertisement. Similarly, in history agriculture engineers are not preferred in any government sector even their related departments for a job. As a result, hundreds of agriculture students are jobless in Sindh or doing inferior jobs in Pakistan.

Owing to mal-administration of SPSC, students of agriculture university protested at different press clubs in cities of Sindh province. Moreover, these demonstrations has shown News channels as well as print-media. But none of the changing has been shown by concerned authorities to stop this inequality.

This is a kind request to CM of Sindh and Chief Justice of Pakistan to give us equal chance in related jobs opportunities.




Global warming


Pakistan is among those countries which are most vulnerable to climate change. Pakistan has no any technic and financial capacity to overcome its dangerous effect on human health.

Lung disorder and cancer are the causes of global warming. Cars, industries and factories are it’s sources to grow and spread. By recent report, in 2070 world will be more hotter that we will be unable to live.

Tree plantation is one of the most affected way of controlling global warming but unfortunately we are urbanizing jungles and cutting trees which are also helpful for having pure Oxygen.




Pakistani prisoners


It is very disappointing to note down that there are more than 11, 000 Pakistani prisoners in foreign countries and majority of them are from the Middle East Pakistan. Almost 3, 400 are trapped in Saudi Arabia’s prisons. According to JPP reports, 26 Pakistanis were executed in the kingdom this year. The latest victim is Muhammad Imran who spent 8 years in prison until he died, he was caught with drugs in airport. Mostly these people are from poor class families looking for employment in the Oil rich nations while other are trying to perform religious obligations.

Thus, it is very hard to imprison those people who are looking for employment. This is high time Pakistan saved their lives and helped them from this situations.




Karachi-building collapsed


A building collapsed in Karachi’s limber market on Monday afternoon. It was constructed 15 years ago and the blueprint of the building was approved in 1987. It was supposed to be one, stores were connected illegally. The SABA said that the building was illegal in April 1991 and the building’s owner had taken a stay under the building demolition.

However, such illegal constructions must be stopped and the owners should be punished. The government is requested to take action in this case and find out the details of this crime.




Smart Moskea APP


An app has been created by the students of Riphah International University. The name of the app is ‘Smart Moskea’ where moskea is a Maltese language word for Mosque. It’s a mobile application which runs on both android as well as iPhone with the aim to help people in finding near mosque and its jamaat timing. By using this app users phone will automatically goes silent mode when they enters in the mosque and if anyone call him then the call will cut out automatically and a redirect message sent to the caller. Another interesting feature of this app is peoples can get alerts when any events occurs in their hometown mosque like death announcement, missing person announcement, mosque fund announcement, Friday topic announcement etc. This application gives user a chatting forum where peoples can ask their question directly to imam.

I hope this application will helps people to don’t miss their prayers and as well people will to get notified and connect with their hometown.




Drama industry


It is perhaps a well-known fact that Pakistani drama industry produces great content. From drama serials like ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’ to ‘Ehd-E-Wafa’, we have been outdoing ourselves. In comparison to us, the Indian dramas are not only endless but also lack any moral meaning.

In the wake of this, we can only expect better from our entertainment industry films and television both. All that is now left is for our incumbent government to realize the potential of our growing entertainment industry and help it through adequate funding. We can compete with our neighbor’s flourishing entertainment industry only if we are provided with financial assistance to do that.