LAHORE                      -              The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has categorically denied any revision in gas tariff slab and made it clear that the previous Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) tariff was in practice yet.

A spokesperson said here on Tuesday that consumers were being misled through messages on the social media about increase in gas prices. An advertisement, issued earlier by the company, showed estimated gas bills under various slabs only. These estimated amounts were wrongly attributed to as the slab rate by some people on the social media, the spokesperson added.

He said that according to the current OGRA tariff, rate for the first slab was Rs 121, which was applied on gas consumption of up to 0.5 Hm3, rate for the second slab was Rs 273, applied on gas consumption of up to 1 Hm3, rate for the third slab was Rs 553 on gas consumption of up to 2 Hm3, for the forth slab was Rs 738 applied on gas consumption of up to 3 Hm3, rate for the fifth slab was Rs 1,106 which applied on gas consumption of up to 4 Hm3 and rate for the sixth slab was Rs 1,460, which was applied on gas consumption of more than 4 Hm3. The SNGPL spokesperson clarified that in order to provide relief to consumers, the government had also provided benefit of the relevant preceding slab. The objective of SNGPL advertisement was to provide an estimate of the gas bills so that they could avoid high gas bill by using gas economically.

The spokesperson urged consumers to discourage elements involved in spreading misleading information on the social media and contact the Sui Northern Gas for any kind of information.