PESHAWAR - Speakers at a dialogue stressed maximum sen­sitisation of citizens to uphold rule of law and maintained peace and harmony in society by spreading culture of harmony and respect for each other rights.

Peshawar Senior Su­perintendent of Police (SSP) Operations Mr. Zahoor Afridi expressed these views during Ulasi Taroon Youth Capacity Building Workshop or­ganised by the Centre for Research and Secu­rity Studies (CRSS) in collaboration with the Department of Political Science, University of Peshawar.

“We need to rewire the national discourse to not only just discuss the problems but also reme­dies and promote critical thinking. The youth must be open to debate, dif­ference of opinions, new ideas and cross-cultural dialogue,” he added.

Dr. Jamil Ahmad Chitra­li from Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies said that the notion of equal citizenry was at the core of democracy where ev­ery citizen was consid­ered equal regardless of the colour, cast, creed or any other differences. It calls for the availability and provision of equal fundamental human rights - vide constitution - to all the citizens, besides equal accountability be­fore law.

“Education and consti­tutional literacy are vital for democracy. Only by equipping citizens with such intellectual tools, can they make the best choice of their elected representatives. Key to inclusive democracy is across the board account­ability and lesser the gap between idealism and realism, greater the ac­countability,” he added.

Department of Political Science Chairman Dr. Ab­dul Rauf said that CRSS must be commended and encouraged for under­taking a youth develop­ment initiative like Ulasi Taroon. “As head of the department, I assure full support to the Centre for carrying out such programmes in the fu­ture. As responsible Pakistani citizens, we must be cognizant of the rich diversity of the country and thus exhibit respect for and celebrate it to strength­en social cohesion. Unity lies in diversity only when we build on the commonalities and ac­cept the differences as a measure peaceful coexis­tence,” he continued.