China’s spring has come quietly, but early spring coldness remains in this particular season full of hope and with everything starting to recover. We Chinese have been going all out for the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) battle and we are fully confident that we’ll finally prevail over the epidemic as we are united as one under the guidance and deployment of our President Xi Jinping.

At this very moment, people all over the world are concerned about the epidemic battle. Being the Chinese Consul General in Lahore, I am fully confident in my motherland. We have been pretty much concerned with the status of epidemic prevention and control in China and also keep an eye on that in Pakistan. Not only are we deeply concerned about every single suspect case published in Pakistani media, but also feel relieved for its elimination. It is reassuring that all the suspect case in Pakistan have been eliminated so far. And with the unparalleled harsh measures of prevention and control taken by the Chinese government, the epidemic control and prevention in China has achieved positive results, i.e. more and more patients are walking out of the hospital after recovery. New numbers of confirmed and suspect cases are going down day by day. Evidences show that we are getting much closer to winning in the epidemic battle. It is time for us to pay tribute to Pakistani people who have long been stand with Chinese people through thick and thin. And we firmly believe that people worldwide have sufficient confidence in China.

Responsible Great Power

China not only attaches great importance to the health and safety of her own nationals, she is also devoted to that of global public. We do share the related information with WHO and other countries in an open, transparent and responsible manner. Meanwhile, we have been taking the most comprehensive and strictest measures of epidemic prevention and control, many of which is even far beyond the advices by WHO and the standards of International Health Regulations. China took the initiatives to announce the suspension of outbound group tour as of 24 January 2020. Many Chinese cities including Wuhan have been on a lockdown to block the spread of such virus so as to minimize its spread overseas. With Chinese tremendous efforts, the infection cases worldwide are now less than 1% of the cases in China. Chinese Embassy and Consulates General in Pakistan have put more stringent monitoring on the Chinese citizens back to Pakistan after the Spring Festival. First and foremost, to make sure all the above citizens not from Hubei province. Next, to ask them to postpone their return date as late as possible. For those who need to come to Pakistan have to spend 14-day quarantine period at home prior to their departure and also to spend another 14-day quarantine period after their arrival. Moreover, Chinese airports have taken stricter health and safety inspection measures to make sure relevant passengers no any suspect symptoms before boarding. Special arrangements have also been made regarding sanitization of the food and beverages as well as the blankets on the airplanes in order to minimize the possibilities of mutual contagion. According to Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO, it is the Chinese government who have taken the extraordinary and effective steps to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Sino-Pak Brotherhood

Sino-Pak friendship is becoming even stronger than ever before and it has withstood the test of time. Pakistan often extends a helping hand to Chinese people whenever Chinese come across any difficulties. Since the epidemic outbreak, Pakistani government has allocated nationwide medical supplies to aid China, which once again highlights the all-weather friendship between the two countries. There are nearly 30,000 Pakistani students studying in China, distributed in different cities of China, around 500 students in Wuhan, who are now taken good care of. We are fully aware that some students’ eagerness to return to Pakistan as soon as possible, but frankly speaking, the best bet for the epidemic prevention and control is to stay at home and do not travel, for the incubation period of NCP could last for two weeks. We’ve also noticed that some Pakistani students who have recently been back to Pakistan were quarantined because of fever according to the local media reports. Large-scale evacuation of Pakistani nationals from China, so to speak, involves a high level of risks. With the epidemic spread contained to a certain degree, Chinese government has set up an effective mechanism of epidemic prevention and control and an experienced medical expert team, that’s why we are confident and capable of ensuring the safety and health of our Pakistani brothers and sisters in China. Meanwhile, we do hope our Pakistani brothers understand and support the decision made by Pakistani government and defeat the epidemic outbreak along with Chinese people based on our brotherhood.

Sunshine always Comes after

the Rain

Adversity makes one stronger just as polishing makes jade finer. 2020 is the year when China manages to build a well-off society in an all-round way. High-level exchanges and CPEC’s fruitful results are much anticipated. Temporary epidemic and difficulties cannot interrupt bilateral cooperation. We are more than glad to see the Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) Project and Matiari to Lahore +660kV DC Power Transmission Project are underway as scheduled. A friend in need is a friend indeed. There are enough reasons for us to believe that with the epidemic eventually over, Sino-Pak all-weather strategic cooperative partnership will further be escalated, and bilateral cooperation in an all-round way will instantly be back to normal and make even greater progress.