The politics of Pakistan that revolved round dynasties has extended its scope to include 'husbandry' too. And if that isn't enough, now even our national exchequer has become a family affair. The National Bank of Pakistan is being headed by one brother while the other is the Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan. What is the merit of top appointments of national institutions? PIA is headed by an ex-captain and this appointing of favourites-with out-merit extends to all departments in the Zardari creed of cronyism. Should not the State Bank Governor be a seasoned economist, and more importantly; not obliged to anyone in the corridors of power to serve his vested interests? Sorry to say, the Finance Minister, another Citi banker and patron of stock mafia, is behaving, acting and speaking like a pharaoh. He is overtly pro-rich in his orientation and working against the interests of ninety percent poor. The stock brokers, estate, commodity brokers, trader mafiosos, MNS and mega corporation executives rule the roost. Why does not he allow the dollar-rupee parity to go down to Rs50/ especially as the oil has gone down to $35 to 40$? Why does not he pass on the benefit of the reduction in global prices of commodities to the consumer? The common man is being starved to death by the ever increasing prices, unbearably high taxes and no electricity, gas etc. -S. ALI, Islamabad, via e-mail, January 3.