Iranian government officials are foreseeing no major shift in the policy and approach of the United States towards Iran and the whole world after the arrival of Barrack Hussain Obama and his team in the White House. The President-elect of the United States is expected to take oath on January 20, 2009. Barrack Hussain Obama has won the presidential election with the slogan of bringing sweeping changes in the policies of the United States that have led to a financial crisis in the US and triggered violence and hatred in the world. Before elections Mr Obama used to say that if voted to power, his government would hold dialogues with Iran to defuse tension between the two countries and to discuss the Iranian nuclear programme. A senior official of Iranian Consulate told this writer that after winning election Mr Obama was now showing his concern over the nuclear programme of Iran and he was least interested in his famous slogan of change in the US. The new President of the US must not detrack himself from his famous slogan of change, he added. Iranian official said that his government was not expecting any major change in the US policy towards Iran even after the change of top government officials in the United States in the wake of recent elections. In fact, the people of the US have given their votes for change in the hostile US policies towards Iran and other Muslim countries that have triggered violence, promoted militancy and hatred against the US citizens in the world. But the US policy-makers might not accept their people's mandate of change and they might continue to pursue the notorious agenda of theUS that aimed at destabilization of the selected countries. The United States is the first country in the world that used the nuclear bomb against Japan. The US officials are not anxious and worried about their own nuclear bombs, but they don't want to see any Muslim country to become a nuclear power. That is the reason that the US was consistently putting pressure on Iran to desist from becoming a nuclear power. In 1998 the BJP government in India conducted nuclear tests that gave a golden chance to Pakistan to declare her a nuclear power in befitting response. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Pakistan to conduct nuclear tests alone to declare her a nuclear power. The nuclear tests of Pakistan have made restless the policy makers in the United States, India and Israel and they always come up with strange ideas, conspiracy theories and strategies to deprive Pakistan of nuclear bombs. Iranian official also expressed surprise over the Pakistan's approach of running after the United States and a couple of Arab estates for financial and diplomatic help. Pakistan government should strengthen its ties with Iran, China and other friendly countries who can provide massive financial and diplomatic support, he said. He regretted that Iran often invites senior Pakistani government officials for visit to Iran to discuss bilateral issues, but the officials of Pakistan government always give a lukewarm response. Iran can participate in many mega development projects in Pakistan, but the officials of government in Pakistan are not interested in seeking support from Iran, he said, adding perhaps Pakistani officials feel that it would annoy the United States. The official of Iranian Consulate in Karachi said that the restoration of peace in this region would be a major challenge for Barrack Hussain Obama and his team. Why the US is deploying another 30,000 troops in Afghanistan this year when the US was advocating a change?