MISS Miller was due to play Maid Marian in the 110 million movie that portrays the Sheriff of Nottingham as the hero. Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe, 48, will play the sheriff who is pitted against Robin the villain, both of whom are in love with Marian. When she was confirmed for the part in June, Miss Miller, 27, told reporters: "It's the most exciting news in the world." She added that the role was "as good as it gets. I could not have a better part." Representatives for Miss Miller however, have reportedly confirmed that she has been axed from the role, just months before filming was due to start. Sources close to the star claimed it was because she was too youthful next to the older Mr Crowe, who has reportedly struggled to shed the weight he gained during the filming of spy film Body of Lies. One was quoted by the Sunday Mirror as saying: "The love scenes would have been laughable. - Daily Telegraph "He's so old and fat and she's so young and gorgeous. "It's just gross." But sources working on the film reportedly claimed there were other reasons behind the move. One told the newspaper that Miss Miller's relationship with married actor Balthazar Getty, 33, were to blame. The source said: "Sienna's image just wasn't right, especially after her controversial affair with Balthazar Getty." Mr Getty, the son of oil tycoon Paul Getty, was pictured kissing Miss Miller a month after she landed the role. He has four children with wife Rosetta Millington, including a daughter who was only 10 months old at the time. Previous incumbents in the role of Maid Marian include Olivia de Havilland, who played Maid Marian in 1938 when she was 22, Mary Mastrantonio opposite Kevin Costney when she was 33, Lucy Griffiths, when she was 21, in the 2007 BBC version and Kate Moss, in Black Adder Back and Forth with Rik Mayall in 1999 when she was 25. The news will come as a huge blow to Miss Miller, since Ridley Scott films have in the past propelled the likes of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt to stardom. "This film could have propelled Sienna into the Hollywood hall of fame." the source said. "Once you've been in a Ridley Scott film as Russell Crowe's love interest, there is no looking back. "The offers would have come flooding in." The source added: "Unfortunately for Sienna, her reputation in the US has been tarnished by people branding her a marriage wrecker while she had just landed the part of a virgin-like maid. "It's such a shame because you couldn't meet a nicer, more hard-working person. "She's a dedicated actress who takes her career extremely seriously."