LAHORE-The Federal Government has decided to conduct first-ever National Survey on Poverty to prepare a data base of people living below poverty line, and then to provide targeted subsidy to this particular segment of society with the underlying objective of poverty alleviation. It will be a comprehensive survey depicting all relevant details of the poor citizens including their names, home addresses and particular needs, which would be addressed on case to case basis accordingly. For example, if a family has skilled persons, they would be given jobs in various federal government institutions, while families with low income can be provided subsidies on food items besides financial support. Similarly, some families may be extended interest-free loans through micro-financing to enable them become self-sufficient by establishing their own small businesses. The data collected through this survey would enable the government to implement its programme of providing targeted subsidy to only the deserving segment of society, which will prevent unnecessary wastage of funds on people who don't need any subsidy. As per plan, the government will hire the services of renowned world organisations to collect information about poor in the country to assess their requirements through internationally approved poverty score cards. A seemingly poor person will be asked 10 questions and every question will carry certain points, which will be calculated to make an overall assessment of that person's financial condition. He will be kept in dark as far as possible about the purpose behind asking these questions so as to collect the exact information about his financial status. The said poverty survey is likely to be concluded by the end of June this year.