LAHORE - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan called on the PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif here at the latters' residence at Raiwind on Sunday. Both the leaders discussed the possibility of a new alliance on one-point agenda of the reinstatement of deposed judges. They also agreed to convene a national conference on the issue. Nawaz stressed upon repealing 17th Amendment to ensure balance of power among state institutions. He assured that the PML-N would actively participate in the lawyers' long march for reinstating the deposed judges. Later, talking to newsmen, Imran Khan said that huge number of political workers would gather on the Constitutional Avenue on March 9 to support the reinstatement of deposed judges. He said that movement for the restoration of deposed judges was not of lawyers only but also that of the entire nation. He expressed the hope that over one million people would participate in the long march. He said that the issue of formation of new political alliance on one point agenda of independence of judiciary and restoration of deposed judges was discussed with Nawaz Sharif. He said that the political parties should join hands to support the movement. He said the current set up was merely a change of faces and a continuation of previous set up. He said that national conference would be convened soon for restoration of democracy and judiciary. Meanwhile, speaking at the annual convention of Insaf Youth Lahore held here at Hameed Nizami Road, the PTI Chief said lawyers long march on March 9 would lead to the revolution and laying the foundation stone of Quaid's Pakistan. "We not only want judicial Justice but also social and educational justice to enable the poor to get their rights. Accountability process is left only for the poor and nobody dares to look towards looters and powerful people. Pakistan is the only country where military kills its own people for dollars," the PTI Chief said. He was also critical of fact that if people did not come forward for their rights they would remain in miserable state. "I appeal to the people to come forward and participate in the long march to protect their own rights," Imran said.