ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has withdrawn notification of Press, Newspapers, News Agencies and Books Registration Rules 2009. The notification was issued on Saturday. A spokesman of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, while referring to a news item published in a section of the Press titled "Govt notifies Press Registration Ord, 2002", has said that the Ordinance was promulgated in 2002 and that rules were framed subsequently to implement different provisions of this Ordinance. The notification elucidating rules for registration of newspapers has been withdrawn by the Ministry on the instructions of the Information Minister. Sherry Rehman has said that no rules will be framed without consultation with relevant stakeholders like CPNE, who will be meeting with her early this week. The spokesman said that the democratic government, led by Pakistan People's Party, is committed to freedom of the media and does not believe in putting any restrictions on the print and electronic media. The government is making all possible efforts to facilitate the media in having access to information and ensure free flow of information, the spokesman added. The Ministry is making endeavours to create a media-friendly atmosphere and all its steps are focused on creating a free and cordial environment so that the media could work freely without any inhibition, he said. Earlier, Sherry Rehman telephoned CPNE President Arif Nizami and said the Ordinance was issued without her knowledge and assured him that the notification will be withdrawn. Earlier, the CPNE rejected the Ordinance at an emergency meeting which was chaired by its President Arif Nizami in Lahore on Sunday. The meeting also demanded urgent talks with the government. It was decided that the Standing Committee of the CPNE would meet in Islamabad soon and the Council would also contact other journalist organisations in this respect. The participants regretted the imposition of undemocratic laws on media during the tenure of a democratic government. The Ordinance is against basic human rights and freedom of expression, the meeting added. CPNE Vice-President Zahid Malik, Secretary-General Khushnood Ali Khan, Mohsin Jamil Baig and other office-bearers attended the meeting.