The appointment of the State Bank Governor, a former Citi banker, has raised many eyebrows. Pakistan's economy will greatly affected by the professional competence, ethics and integrity, or lack there of, of the new man appointed to head its central bank. The country's runaway inflation, which has already added an enormous lot to the misery of the common man, will be reined in or broken loose largely because of the monetary policies pursued by the State Bank of Pakistan. The SBP is an autonomous, independent body that is supposed to operate free from political pressures. The fact that the National Bank of Pakistan, a state-owned bank that acts as a commercial subsidiary of sorts of the State Bank of Pakistan is headed by the new Governor's brother is highly objectionable. Have we not had enough with what Mr Shaukat Aziz did to our economy? What benefit did Pakistan get from the corporate practices he had learnt at the Citi Bank? Why do developing economies like India prefer to have trained economist with banking experience head their central banks instead of hiring retired Citi bankers? -MUZAMMIL, Sukkur, via e-mail, January 3.