LONDON - Federal Advisor on Interior Rehman Malik, had a meeting with MQM leader Altaf Hussain the other day at the MQM International Secretariat in London. Talking to the newsmen ahead of the meeting the MQM leader said that the government had not adopted a clear-cut stance about Mumbai blast and Pakistani citizenship of Ajmal Kasab. He said the government elements had not been showing any clear stand on the very momentous issues and they were talking differently. He also said that tensions were not in the interest of any of the two countries and the leaders of both the countries should keep from issuing emotional statements. India should avoid giving sensational statements and keep from threatening attitude. If Pak-India peace dialogue is started again and Pakistan takes the initiative, it will be a very good thing, he said. "I shall inquire about the clear government stance relating to terrorist incident of Mumbai and Pakistani citizenship of Ajmal Kasab form Rehman Malik the federal government advisor when he comes to meet me", said the MQM leader. He was of the view that process of Talibanisation was going on in the tribal areas of Pakistan and it should be dealt with in a strict way. Commenting of the present state of affairs of the country he said that the country was in a bad plight; inflation and unemployment were on the top; economy is on the verge of disaster; and the danger of war was knocking at the borders