IT seems that the miseries of the Palestinian people will not come to an end, and the Israelis shall continue to be given the impunity by the nations of the world to go on slaughtering them. The reports of the failure of the latest UN Security Council effort to stop the Israeli war-machine were overshadowed by reports of the true bestiality of the Israelis, which showed their true, genocidal, intentions. The UNSC had called for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, where the Israelis launched an offensive two weeks ago, but the Israelis ignored the 'humanitarian break' mandated, and went on pounding the area with shells from its tanks, and bombs from aircraft, both being supplied by the USA. The UN also confirmed the January 4 incident, in which the Israeli Army first forced 110 Palestinians to enter a house, and then shelled the house, killing about 30 people. So far, in the operation by the Zionist entity, over 800 people have been killed, mostly civilians. However, the Israeli Army has denied the occurrence, and the Prime Minister of the Zionist entity, Mr Ehud Olmert, has said that a ceasefire would not suit Israel, which has suffered nowhere near such losses from the Palestinian rockets which are being fired upon the Zionist entity. The UNSC has thus been rendered ineffective, though it was very active while processing the request to ban the Jamaatud Dawa and its members for fomenting terrorism. The Egyptians have apparently managed to broker a ceasefire, though it might not be worth very much with the Israeli Army entrenched in the Strip, as well as in Gaza proper. However, while it will probably be useless for the Palestinians fighting in Gaza, and the Israeli forces don't need it for resupply, which the Americans will handle as usual, it should serve a humanitarian purpose. But it will probably not be permanent, and the Zionist entity will probably be practically exempt, and allowed because it is backed unquestioningly by all the major Western powers, to use force whenever it wants.