LAHORE - The police teams, constituted by the Inspector General Police Punjab in connection with the recent blasts in Lahore, Sunday arrested seven Afghan nationals, believed to be involved in the blasts, The Nation has reliably learnt. Well-placed sources in the police department revealed that the arrests came on the information of sensitive agencies provided to the police teams here the other day. The information was gathered after thorough monitoring the activities of some high profile elements including the Guantanamo Bay Jail Returnees (GJR), Afghan Trained Boys (ATBs), Afghan Jail Returnees (AJR), Lal Masjid Elements (LME), and Activists of Various Religious/Sectarian Organisations on Fourth Schedule of Anti-Terrorism Act 1977. The police sources however, refused to disclose the names or other particulars of the arrested people and the groups involved in the blasts. The sources said that officials of the sensitive agencies provided a list of those people to the police high-ups whom they identified as suspects through many mysterious calls they had made before and after five explosions. The information exchanged on the traced calls from the both ends (the caller and those who received calls) by these suspects was related to the five blasts. Earlier, the sources said, the law enforcement agencies re-examined the profile of many banned religious organisations and other anti-social elements and also their active members in view of their alleged involvement in such kind of activities across the country. They started working on this line soon after the five blasts that occurred on Friday. "After thoroughly examining track record and profile of all the banned organisations and other such outfits, the sensitive agencies selected four groups including GJR, ATBs, AJR, LME and Activists of Various Religious/Sectarian Organizations on Fourth Schedule of Anti-Terrorism Act 1977 to further monitor their activities keeping in view their alleged involvement in the blasts," the sources said. After two days hectic efforts, the police high-ups were provided important information that led them towards the mastermind behind the explosions. On the basis of the said information, IGP Shaukat Javed called an emergency meeting of senior police officers and constituted three high-level investigation teams to round up the culprits behind the recent blasts. The police teams, being supervised by Additional IG CID Malik Muhammad Iqbal, arrested seven Afghan national activists. They are believed to be mastermind behind the explosions that had rocked the city.