After Manmohan Singh's diatribe and frontal accusations of Pakistan that it is using terrorism as a state instrument in its defence strategy, the Pakistani government at last appears to be succeeding in fashioning a joint Indo-Pak investigation after some information was finally shared with Pakistan for which the US appears to have been able to prevail upon India. Although the Ajmal Kasab factor is being tailored and used by India, which has already seen a security head roll in Pakistan, it remains to be seen as to who was able to use the Pakistani citizen for the Mumbai terror. Although mere establishment of citizenship of the alleged terrorist does not automatically prove state involvement, the Pakistan government will have to move swiftly to unearth the plot, and if at all involvement of any individual or organisation in Pakistan is proven, bring the culprits to justice and make an example of them. Coincidentally, the latest US Congress Commission Report titled World at Risk anticipating the use of atomic or biological weapons by terrorists anywhere in the world including America and Europe, and that all indicators led to Pakistan for such weaponry, has coincided with terror attacks in Indian Bombay, with the US secretary of state darting to India and the Indian leadership converging on the US with its version of proofs. The Indian media organisations barring some discerning journalists, its political leadership and armed forces have charged Pakistan as usual, despite conflicting and contradictory claims, without any tangible proof. The United States has ruled out any Pakistan government involvement in the Mumbai attacks, but urged Pakistan nevertheless to cooperate with India in the investigations. Interpol though, has faulted India for failing to substantiate its allegations. Pakistan has offered full cooperation despite premature accusation by India of its involvement, while India after several weeks of dilly-dallying, is reported to have presented some highly questionable material, which it terms as evidence to corroborate its version. India one hopes has forwarded proof of Pakistani citizenship of the nominated culprits, their travel by the vessel whose engine Chassis No has been conveyed to the Pakistani side, and their links inside India without which it was impossible to carry out such an elaborate multi-destination attacks etc. Besides, what about the reported assemblage of all the alleged attackers in the Jew abode Nariman House prior to the attack? India had earlier, handed over an old list of wanted men which it has often done after staging such abortive escapades in the past, and demanded them to be handed over without any proof of their involvement or links with the Mumbai attacks, except mere repetition of the patent accusation, and regardless of any extradition treaty between the two the countries. A series of contradictions shroud the Mumbai terror riddle. Just as Ehud Barak proclaimed within half an hour of the 9/11 attacks that it was done by Muslim extremists, New Delhi made a poor aping declaring it was Pakistan, minutes into the three-day long standoff in Mumbai whereby in the middle of the action, snaps of the projected hero of the poorly staged drama conveniently taken from various angles, just as the coverage of the Indian Parliament attack years ago, continued to be splashed over the media. Whatever happened to the claim of responsibility by some Deccan Mujahideen Group soon after the attack, and the Mumbai CID claim that locals were involved in the terrorist act. The phone call threat by Indian External Affairs Minister to the Pakistani President bulging a war threat subsequently denied and termed as a hoax call, American assertion that it had warned India weeks ago about the distinct possibility of sea-borne attacks from terrorists, the Mumbai police chief's denial to have received such warning, and the Indian refusal over Pakistani offer for joint investigation and access to the only alleged terrorist taken alive, all smell a big rat. Is it co-incidental that the US Centcom Chief Michael Moline should also have visited Pakistan after the incident and ask for action against all jihadis irrespective? While Condoleezza Rice on the one hand, in response to repeated questioning by the Indian media restrained herself from jumping the gun making it clear that any action should follow the course of investigations leading to evidence, what made her perform a somersault reaching back home, that Pakistan needed to practically demonstrate its assistance to India by arresting the accused named by it? Besides, why should the US have tried to dissuade Pakistan from retaliating in case of the intended surgical strikes by India, is a question to be asked squarely of Pakistan's strategic ally. Has the US ever paused to reflect as to why India without loss of a moment, blames Pakistan for any and all mishaps in India, and why the US repeatedly comes to support its proven nonsense, as it does over Israeli intransigence against Palestinians? This time around, my gut feeling is, that the much hyped Ajmal Kasab may well be one among Pakistani nationals arrested and detained by India earlier on some pretext, or abducted from Nepal as reported before, taken out of custody and trained or programmed as planned, assigned to eliminate the Indian Anti-terror Chief Hemant Kurkuray who had exposed many a skeleton in the Indian cupboard, and then allowed to act as the mastermind of the Indian version of the plot. Is it not a bit queer that till date, the identity of none other terrorists involved in the crime except this 'hero' has been released? Knowing fully well that Pakistani nuclear assets were iron clad safe and unreachable by any rogue elements, why is it that the US, time and again relives its obsession with Pakistani nukes instead of raising question marks over safety of Indian nuclear arsenals because of their dismal intelligence inadequacies demonstrated in dealing with the various staged infernos in the past, including the recent Mumbai attacks? Pakistan in contrast only sheepishly and indirectly points to India for its involvement in destabilising activities in Pakistan, particularly in aid of Balochi separatists and now in the north, despite incontrovertible evidence. It refrains from bringing down American drones simply because it does not wish to vitiate the already tense atmosphere and desires peace. But if pushed to the wall, one reckons it would have to act in self-defence, no matter whom against. While Rice maintained that there was no compelling evidence of any official Pakistani involvement, she has asserted that the US now had proof about the use of Pakistani soil in the Mumbai acts of terror. The people of Pakistan would this time like to know, that without common investigation including Pakistan, what made her arrive at this conclusion, and why if true, this information was not being made public? Where on earth, and in what form of justice is it in vogue to turn wishes into horses, and gun for individuals or organisations or countries on the basis of assumptions and self-serving alibis? Proof dear friends credible and incontrovertible proof, and nothing less, although Pakistan appears to have cracked down on Jamaat-ul-Dawa, in just the same manner in which Musharraf folded up on the infamous midnight US phone call in the wake of New York Twin Tower drama. Pakistan has had enough with its opportunistic leaderships, civil or military, lying prostrate in the face of US demands to do more and more and more, not only turning back on a peaceful Muslim neighbour Afghanistan and stabbing it in the back after the so-called 9/11, but also denting its lead image among the Muslim ummah, retracting from its support of jihad in Kashmir and its principled position on Resolution of the lingering dispute according to UN resolutions, and now reaping the harvest of compliance with unpalatable US diktats and the so-called CBMs with India. It should not take too much political acumen or foresight to gauge the intentions of both India and the US, whose Think Tanks and intelligence outfits have since the last four decades dished out various covert plans to weaken and destabilise Pakistan. The West, US in particular, pressed the panic button soon after detonation of the atomic device by Pakistan, sending jitters in the American camp manoeuvred by Israel, which considers it necessary to ensure that Pakistan and India do not live in peace. Unknowingly, India seems to be falling in the trap and being enticed by Israel's gestures of cooperation, which were in fact leading it to self-delusion and destruction. The war-hysteria built by India was expected to achieve nothing more than indulge as usual in puerile gamesmanship, like suspending the composite dialogue and peace process with Pakistan pending Pakistani action against what India terms as 'terrorists and terrorist organisations in that country'. By doing so, India not only aims at diverting its people's attention from internal unrest but has also partly succeeded in digressing from Obama's focus on the issue of Kashmir, which he soon after his election vowed to resolve, and cover up for India's unlawful choking of the river water share of Pakistan in contravention of the Indus Water Treaty. The Indian Congress for its Pakistan bashing ahead of BJP, no doubt aimed at making capital in the ensuing elections, which have showed results in its favour. As to some analysts pointing to a third force working to destabilise the region and to sabotage the peace process between India and Pakistan, it seems that either some elements in India were in league with that force or unmindful of the sinister move. It is by now common knowledge that the alleged third force, named by some as Al-Qaeda, was a CIA brainchild raised to fight the American proxy war against Russian invasion of Afghanistan, and seen by others, as a Mossad-engineered outfit being used to devastate world economies, particularly Asian, which posed a threat to the Jewish agenda in view of economic and technological potential of the region. I have a suspicion that even the US is unaware of the Zionist grand design, which has led it onto the destructive course. India's Jewish friends appear to be redesigning its own version of Akhand Bharat (greater India) for India, and may already have fashioned the confederation among terrorists from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan by financing, recruiting and unleashing them. The establishments in India and Pakistan, instead of continuing to blame each other, better look into this demon, which was surreptitiously eating into the subcontinent. As for Pakistan, it should stop fooling itself if it were, in believing that Al-Qaeda was fighting for the glory of Islam. Had it been so, Al-Qaeda ought to have quit this region and not allowed Pakistan to become the tool and target of the West, which after using it in the sinister war, now considers all tracks of terrorism leading to Pakistan. It would also be self-delusion for India to believe that the US would not discard it after using it first against Pakistan and then China, to ultimately stamp its hegemony over the entire world. The writer is a political analyst