LAHORE - PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has hinted at the merger between the two Leagues only if it is aimed at purusing national interests. "Purpose or motive behind the unification carries a great weight. We are ready for the merger if the purpose is to safeguard national interests. But if the purpose behind any such merger is to save the skin of somebody or save a government in Punjab or promote personalities instead of a cause then it is not that feasible," Shujaat said. "The unification is possible if it is meant for the promotion of national interests and integrity," the PML-Q leader emphasized. He was speaking at the luncheon hosted by Ch Shujaat Hussain and former Punjab Chief Minister and senior PML-Q leader Pervaiz Elahi in the honour of new body of Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) with The Nation Editor Arif Nizami as its president. Office-bearers of the CPNE, renowned journalists, leading columnists, writers and PML-Q leaders including Mushahid Hussain Syed, SM Zafar, Kamil Ali Agha, Dr Khalid Ranjha and Moonis Elahi also attended the function held at the local residence of the Chaudhrys. Ch Shujaat lamented over the fact that PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif had missed two substantial opportunities for the unification of the two parties in the recent past. Had Nawaz seized those opportunities, today he would have been the President of the country, he added "But Nawaz then exhibiting arrogance squandered those openings. First opportunity came soon after February 18 elections. The situation was ripe for merger. Efforts were made but to no avail, thanks to the hardened and rigid stance of Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz was not ready or in a mood to compromise. Then came the presidential election, another opportunity. It was the time when two parties made first formal contacts. Then again people wanted to see PML-Q and PML-N joining hands. But again, Nawaz Sharif did not bother even to think about it despite our prompting", he said. Shujaat was enlightening the CPNE members about the recent political developments on the merger between the two Leagues on the request of Arif Nizami. "Despite all these ground realities, I hope that efforts for the unification bear the fruit." He dispelled an impression that PML-Q was in any haste to grab power. We have no charm for power since we have seen everything now. We are comfortable in playing the role of an opposition, he said. Arif Nizami, speaking on the occasion, termed the merger between the two Leagues a great good omen for the politics and for the development of two-party system in the country. However, he said the unification should take place on the basis of equality as being desired by different stakeholders. "I think the Chaudhrys are walking on tightrope especially when there is call for merger while there is a desire in the party to maintain its separate identity. PML-Q is also engaged with PPP. How they move forward in days to come will be really interesting, he said. He praised the Chaudhrys for their leadership qualities and how did they manage to keep their party intact despite heavy odds, especially when some individuals were out to divide the party "Musharraf factor, too was damaging for the party and so was the assassination of Benazir for the PML-Q facing an important elections. But the PML-Q, still survived, rather it gained strength despite these challenges. He applauded the role of Chaudrys vis-a-vis freedom of press promotion. He said the PML-Q leaders continued to adhere to the traditions set by Zahoor Elahi who was torch-bearer of freedom of expression. He said during the Musharraf era when PML-Q was in power, media gained more freedom. However, it was another question whether Musharraf provided the freedom or it was the result of efforts made by the journalists themselves, he added.