ISLAMABAD - Israeli aggression on Gaza and resultantly the massacre of armless civilians particularly women and children in the residential compounds of Palestine has triggered great disgust and anger among world nations but its potent exhibition could be watched only on the roads of Europe with nothing but small protest demonstrations in one and only nuclear Islamic state, Pakistan. It doesn't mean that Pakistanis are not passing through a great sense of anger and agony over the ruthless killing of innocent citizens of Palestine but this feature tries to reveal the factors that generally bar people from participating in such protest demonstrations actively to register their anger. Protest demonstrations here in Pakistan, like other countries of the world, especially Muslim states, are being held on daily basis with charged participants carrying placards inscribed with anti-Israel and America slogans and asking UN for the reason behind its criminal silence over Palestinian holocaust but the number of people in these demonstrations is somewhat could be called discouraging. In Islamabad, many human rights organisations and some political parties as PTI and JI have staged protest rallies insistently for the last many days but with easily countable strength of participants and if we even include the onlookers, the presence of people in any of such protest demonstration did not cross the figure of 500 except the one that was organised here on Sunday by Jamaat-e-Islami. On the other hand, the magnitude of protest demonstrations is swelling with each passing day in many European countries where angry mob got violent on Saturday after reaching Israeli Embassy in London making it difficult for the British police to extinguish people's rage. People describe the thin protest crowds on Pakistani roads differently: Some say that it is due to security concerns while others term it insensitivity of present time. A man said that it was due to the absence of leadership adding, "Leaders lead the people and under their command they take to the streets and even get violent". He maintained that political parties had turned deaf ear on the screams of Palestinian kids and gave no 'go-ahead' signal to their workers to protest vigorously on the streets of the land of the pure. Some people have some other arguments: A man talking to TheNation said that the people are struggling so hard to make both ends meet amid high inflation that they had no time to attend such demonstrations by putting their hectic daily schedules aside. "When a poor chap has to consume sixteen-hours to earn bread and butter for their children at home, would he be left with the option to attend such protest demonstrations to enchant anti-Zionist slogans", he asked. Adeel, a student of Wafaqi Urdu University was of the viewpoint that the silent majority did not participate in such protest rallies, as they firmly believed that their voice would make no difference. "People have been participating in judicial movement with extraordinary zeal in the previous year but till today the restoration of the deposed judges is not in sight. What is the result of long march, picketing, hunger strikes and lock-downs that were held for the independence of judiciary? Masses think that when they can not force their own government to mend its way then how public opinion would force Israel or US to reconsider their policies", he said, adding that the cardinal factor behind small protest rallies was disappointment and hopelessness, settled deep into people's mind. Senator Professor Khurshid Ahmad of JI while commenting on the very issue said that the overwhelming majority of the people in the country was caught in chronic disappointment and had gone on back foot regarding participation in the protest rallies. "They assume that their voice bears no weight, but it is not right as people should not in any condition let their hopes die", he remarked. He said that economic hardship was another factor behind small protest gatherings and also termed the response of major political parties towards Israeli brutality 'lukewarm and disorganised'. Among hopeless citizens, there are many who still believe in political activism and do not miss any such event to get their emotion recorded. Saleem Khan belongs to this category and has participated in all anti-Zionist processions from the day Israel had launched atrocities in Gaza with the credo 'silence never wins rights'.