HANGU - At least 13 more persons were killed and dozens others got injured in the ongoing clashes between two rival groups in Hangu. However, the rival groups late on Sunday night agreed to cease fire.. So far 35 people have been killed and 65 others wounded in the clashes continued for the last three days in troubled Hangu district. Several shops and houses were also set on fire in the aforementioned areas. The official sources have confirmed 13 deaths. The both sides are using mortar shells, rockets and other heavy weapons against each other. The DCO Hangu Mujeebur Rehman informed that a complete curfew had been imposed in the area and a jirga of local ulema, MPs and other notables had also been summoned for ceasefire. The local people have called for taking immediate measures to halt bloody fight and restore peace in the area. Monitoring Desk adds: Rival groups have agreed on a truce, reported a private TV channel late on Sunday, quoting DCO Hangu Syed Mujeebur Rehman. He said that the truce was decided in a jirga which was presided by Commissioner Kohat Ummar Afridi. As per agreement, the rival groups would evacuate their positions.