LAHORE Improper management of court record is creating problems for the litigants besides putting the job of employees at stake in case of tempering or misplacement of any file, TheNation has learnt. The quarters concerned are letting the present situation to continue and not making any plan to computerise the court record, thus allowing the mafia to steal or attach any paper in a file at the cost of litigants interests and jobs of those maintaining and managing the record room. As per details, the higher authorities have not taken the concrete measures so far to save the court record by computerising it so that in case of misplacing of any file the record could be taken and verified instead of stern disciplinary action against employees working for maintaining the record of different lower courts working in the City. Sources privy to the district and sessions court revealed that since 1876 no concrete measures had been taken to computerize the record as record of files was also littered in about six record rooms set under the Lahore District Court. It has become very difficult for the lower courts employees to maintain and save the record completely owing to increasing filing of cases in lower courts working under District and Sessions Court Lahore. The employees working for keeping the record 'safe revealed on the condition of anonymity that lack of measures for computerizing the court record was also causing problems for litigants and the court employees. They further observed the estimation of the loss that affected the court employees could be made from the dismissal of six court employees who faced the disciplinary actions due to misplacement of the court record. The employees who faced stern disciplinary action during the year of 2010 for loss of judicial records (files) included court clerks Tahir Ameen, Muhammad Ali, Raja Shakeel, Rana Mehar Jawad and two peons Mudassir Butt and Muhammad Rafi, they added. Most of the lower court employees claimed it was not impossible to computerize all the record of different courts working in the City. They said they were saving the files especially of important cases carefully to avoid actions from judicial officers. When contacted, in-charge of the records of lower courts said only two to three months were required for the computerization of court record. He said currently there were six record rooms and he needed only 20 to 25 trained persons for computerizing the record of all new and old files. He said only scanning of the files had been started in 2010 as per orders from the higher authorities. When contacted PRO of the Lahore High Court to know whether measures had been taken for the computerization of lower courts record, he said he did not know about any project in this regard. Most of the lawyers commenting on the story said it had become must for the courts to computerize all the record as it would also help in making the national judicial policy a success.