The recent wave of target killing in Karachi took another prominent personality’s life. Hakeem Mahmood Ahmed Barkati lost his life in target killing incident in his office. Brakati was a prominent educationist and wrote forty books on different topics. He had a remarkable personality and he was also the founder of prominent Hamdard Group, he was a close friend of the former genius Hakeem Mohammed Saeed. Hakeem Saeed also lost his life in target killing some years ago. Barakati received pride of performance due to his love of education and remarkable written work. According to police at least 104 people have been killed in different incidents of target killing in Karachi during the last two weeks.

Target killing took more than three hundred lives in 2012. Religious scholars, educationist and prominent personalities were the prime targets. Despite killing of large number of people so far no target killer has been punished or arrested. Most of the people who lost their lives were innocent citizen and were not involved in any terrorist activity. Killer gangs belonging to different sectarian and ethnic groups are targeting their rivals in broad day light.

Unfortunately due to the PPP turning a blind eye to these criminal activates things are going from bad to worse. Until and unless the government is ready to face realities and arrest and punish the criminals without political affiliation being considered there can be no peace in Karachi.


Jeddah, January 10.