According to a press report, Pakistan has even fallen in terms of education behind Nepal as its position has sunk as low as 133 in the world. It is really depressing because education offers the primary solution to our problems. A comparison with other less developed countries that have become shining examples bears out investment in human capital as the key to their success. In our case, it is a pity that the fund that the HEC was receiving about a decade ago has now been reduced to chickenfeed. No new centres of learning could be seen on the horizon while schooling in rural and backward areas, where it is needed the most remains in a shambles.

Equally alarming is the situation of elementary education whose current decrepit shape means that our future could remain dark and prone to follow forces of bigotry, intolerance and violence. Among several factors hindering its growth is feudalism and extremism. They thrive on ignorance and slavery and are naturally opposed to enlightenment in all its forms and manifestations. With all the children going without education, what use would the state make of them or where would they fit in? Let us not forget that a child without a schoolbag on his back today could end up putting on a suicide belt tomorrow. Already, we have had enough of it. Pakistan needs education to fight the many evils threatening its existence.