Most of the CNG stations in Pakistan are closed; 3-4 days in a week. These stations are closed because of different reasons. Government has also failed to take notice why they remain closed other than loadshedding day. There have been reports that the license of some of these stations has been cancelled but still there has been no change. Whenever these CNG stations are opened, long queues are seen and one has two be extraordinary lucky to get a tank full quickly. Many have shared images where they said that now the CNG stations are the second biggest social gathering after Facebook.

In these long queues, many women drivers are present and they also have to bear the problem of waiting. On many occasions these women wait with their children in the car which adds to their agony. Keeping in mind the humanitarian side we should have a separate queue for women and for those cars which have children.

There does not seem to be a solution to these crises in the foreseeable future but we can all help each other. Law and order situation of the country is also very bad; there have also been cases when people were robbed while waiting in these long lines.


Karachi, January 7.