The recent news of the daring, albeit infamous escapade, of the former DG OGRA Tauqeer Sadiq was allegedly made possible by machinations of Mr Jehangir Badr and Mr Rehman Malik, both are important pillars of PPP. It was also reported that he was given shelter at the presidency and the Governor House Lahore. This startling news makes one wonder if there is any semblance of law and order in the country. The honourable Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan asked the IG Police Punjab to give a gift to Pakistan by arresting the offender before his retirement by end of 2012, but such great feats were not to crown this IG.

The escape from the country was made possible by PPP high ups who removed his name from ECL. It appears that a master criminal can get away with ease after gobbling up 82 billion rupees of public money under the very nose of PPP regime, which talks about democracy all the time! The Prime Minister who comes from humble back ground of being a property dealer from Gujjar Khan has no humbleness in him, and now he is the ‘Overseer General’ of Pakistan, such benevolence towards thieves shows his moral caliber. His beaming face reminds one of Nero who played his flute while Rome was burning. Now PPP is enjoying while the country is in flames of embezzlement, corruption and terrorism. This is a bad omen for PPP in the upcoming elections; it could prove to be their Waterloo.


 Lahore, January 10.