It is hard to disagree with PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif that had the government not failed in living up to people’s expectations, no one would have talked of derailing democracy. Saying that democracy belongs to the people, he affirmed that the process would not be allowed to veer off track. One can see that things have failed on a number of fronts; there is rampant inflation, corruption, political turmoil, loadshedding and lawlessness that beggars belief. But the way of setting things right is democracy and since it is the best method available, it has to be supported. Now as the time for the general elections is fast approaching, the people themselves have to change their and their rulers’ fate. Voting into power those who they think are suitable to lead the country is no small a power. Respecting their right to express themselves through the power of the ballot box is a basic necessity that has to be fulfilled strictly under the light of the constitution. This requires, primarily that the elections are free and fair; besides the parties do have a duty to adhere to the rules set by the ECP.

It is hoped that the next elections would bring into power a party that represents the people and responds to their wishes and aspirations. And it is also hoped that it repairs the harm done to democracy by the present state of affairs and ushers in a new era of prosperity, peace and security.