Government of Pakistan announces increase of salaries and pensions in June every year to compensate its employees to some extent on account of the prevalent price hike and also to mitigate the effects of the rising changes in the foreign exchange rates or devaluation of our Rupee which has reduced the purchasing power. Consequently, just after the approval of the current budgets, the ministry of finance starts working on the announced increase of the salaries and pensions and after the completion of the whole exercise, issues necessary notification to all but State Bank Of Pakistan (SBP) shows so much lethargy and carelessness that even after the passage of more than half a year, they have not been able to complete the exercise and still they seem to be mitigating the process.

It seems as if branches of our Government do not want to give relief to their employees, they think as if they are paying these people out of their own pocket. The management of SBP has done a great injustice to the pensioners. The request to the respected Governor is that in future the decision of pension percentage increase should not be mixed with the decision of increasing the salaries of the employees. The government should show some mercy to the old and poor pensioners. I also believe that the increase in the pension should be on the basis of  the increase in their grade-wise salaries, their pensions may also be increased and re-fixed and recalculated in this way there will be equality in the salaries of the retired and the serving employees.


Karachi, January 9.