THAL, Austria -Most people get stopped by police officers if they did something wrong. But Arnold Schwarzenegger gets stopped so some of New York’s finest can take a picture with him.

The 66-year-old actor took the time to join in on a snap with a few of the boys in blue while in the Soho neighbourhood of Lower Manhattan in New York on Friday. The Terminator actor obliged to satisfy the request from some of the NYPD officers that appeared to be very excited to meet him. A laugh was shared between the policemen and Arnold as they reviewed the photo that had been taken of them.

The former Governor of California looked much done up for a simple stroll in Soho as his hair was slicked back and his outfit resembled what a police chief would possibly wear in a crime drama film. He wore a long navy blue double coat over a light blue button-down shirt, grey slacks and brown shoes to complete the cold-weather ensemble. Arnold’s run-in with the law comes following reports that his divorce with Maria Shriver has yet to be finalised, allegedly because of money.

TMZ reported on Friday that the couple - who has no prenuptial agreement - are arguing over their $400million fortune. In accordance to California law, Maria is entitled to half of Arnold’s earnings during their 25-year marriage, which include paychecks from huge box-office hits like Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Kindergarten Cop and True Lies. While TMZ stated the couple’s net worth stand at $400m, other sources place the 66-year-old Governator’s individual net worth holdings at $300m.  Depending on the final figure Arnold’s attorneys provide to the court, Shriver would be entitled to anywhere from $150 to $200m. As the divorce is still getting sorted out, the former Mr. Olympia has a few film projects pending. Arnold has three films set to come out this year including the third instalment of the star studded The Expendables action movie franchise. Another one of Arnold’s signature characters is also set to hit the silver screen again as Terminator: Genesis is currently in pre-production for a summer 2015 release. The film will be the fifth of the series and is set to be directed by Alan Taylor who recently completed superhero movie Thor: Dark World.