The global political and strategic stratagems are fast changing; old rivalries are being put aside and new nexuses forged. The major driving forces behind this change obviously seems to be economic, political and ideological, but the latter reigns supreme. Unsurprisingly, the ties so established have polarized the world at large. The forces under the umbrella of civilization and modernity are seemingly on one page in their approach to deal with the c fundamentalists, fanatics and terrorists merely to advance their aims. The much trumpeted principles of democracy and freedom of choice seem to become irrelevant before this approach. While the instances of this gimmick can be traced in various parts of the world, the glaring precedent in Egypt, where a democratically elected government of Dr. Morsi was toppled through carcass Siestani, for it did not dance to the tunes of civilized world.

The massacre of more than four thousand Islamists could not stir the champions of democracy and proponents of human rights. It is equally unfortunate that this callous conduct was not only confined to some big powers but the world at large also chose to sit on the fence and remained silent spectator over the tragic developments in Cairo.

A vile snare was spun to weaken the Islamists in Turkey and worked marvels with hundreds of thousands on the roads demanding their rights; very wisely chalked out by the ‘string holders’. The political acumen of Tayyab Erodgan came to play and resolved the issue for now. This backdrop poses the question what choice are the Islamists left with? Should they grow provocative and assertive or close their eyes, only to be wiped out from the political scene, one by one. The answer seemingly lies in sticking to the middle path.

The recent scattered scandals associated with the Islamist groups in Pakistan have not only defamed them but most have lost faith in the clergy at large. Speaking candidly, common man has started doubting almost every man with a beard and with a religious link. Here one thing is interesting, parading to the chorus of anti Islamists, even the self exiled so called leaders, who are responsible for killing thousands in Pakistan, have swung to dance and demanded, with frothing mouth, to put a ban on the religious parties.

The difference among mullah, mosque, militants and beard is becoming increasingly blurry which will suit the anti-Islamists too well, it needs to be controlled.


Lahore, December 27.