Among the list of new entrepreneurs, Yasir Khan is a valuable addition to the world of photography in Pakistan. Under the label of ‘MYK Studios,’ this self taught-talented photographer has many beautiful weddings to his credit. MYK Studios, is a home to professional photography services and pioneer in Bridal Photography & Wedding coverage in Pakistan.


Yasir and his team founded MYK Studios in 2007; it comprises of a creative and multidisciplinary crew. It was brought into existence for the love of art, photography and design. Focusing on bridal photography, MYK Studio has made its name in the industry as the most preferable and artistic capturer of moment, with expertise to fully communicate the emotions and essence of photography.

Focused on producing outstanding design and photography, MYK Studios is also widely known for various other services as well.


SUNDAY PLUS talks to YASIR KHAN of MYK Studios about his photographic vision and his teams’ artless efforts of making every ‘event’ memorable and celebrated one.   


S+: Which projects are you working on now?

Yasir Khan: Mostly wedding events and bridal shoots.

S+: When did you decide to become a photographer?

Yasir Khan: When I was 18 and a student of commerce, mentally free and living life in my solitude

S+: Could you tell us about when you started working as a photographer?

Yasir Khan: I started working in 2004.

S+: Where did you learn about photography?

Yasir Khan: I am self taught because this subject is all about reading of light, daily life routine, nature and spiritualism.

S+: MYK Studios caters to which occasion…

Yasir Khan: We are providing our design and photography services to wedding, commercial as well as corporate events.

S+: What kind of photographic services ‘MYK Studios,’ offer…

Yasir Khan: We offer our services for wedding event coverage, bridal photo shoots, videos and directions. Also portfolios and cooperate sector for conferences and launchings are also a part of our activities. 


S+: MYK Photography clientele/price range….

Yasir Khan: We are there for everyone; so no such boundaries and no such limitations. We are bit expensive but in the end we give so much extra favor to everyone that nobody questions that.

S+: Could you tell us how you approach each new event?

Yasir Khan: With discussion of client and firm planning with team about client and their approach.

S+: How would you describe ‘MYK Photographic’ style?

Yasir Khan: Natural and photojournalistic

S+: How does a typical day start for you?

Yasir Khan: With a little planning I believe if one learns one new thing in morning, the whole day passes in the process of comprehension.

S+: Do you organise training programmes/workshops for learners?

Yasir Khan: Not yet as I have a plan of opening a school of ethics and philosophy.

S+: What is the scope of photography business in Pakistan?

Yasir Khan: Very high but if we all should understand this is not the business just to make money.

S+: What have been the highlights of MYK Photography so far?

Yasir Khan: We are educated, ready to understand any job with proper planning, team work & professionalism.

S+: What do you think makes a good photographer?

Yasir Khan: One needs to have a clear soul and right vision to become a good photographer.

S+: What goes through your head right before you snap a picture?

Yasir Khan: That, who taught me photography, Am I this good...

S+: Tell us about your most memorable event/popular weddings?

Yasir Khan: So many!

S+: Tell us about your media highlights (if any)?

Yasir Khan: Not yet as we have never focused on it and probably we are not in a usual rush to be famous. Everything will come with time.

S+: Why should people come to MYK?

Yasir Khan: For care and love, and concern of their expectations.

S+: What advice would you give to anyone looking to improve their photographic skills?

Yasir Khan: Be honest and be true to this profession. Photography is very demanding and a detail oriented profession. Feel more, sense more and relate more.

S+: When are the busy times of year for your business?

Yasir Khan: Though we are dealing with both Design agency and photography so whole year is busy

But mostly August to May is very tough.

S+: What are some of the problem/risks with running your business?

Yasir Khan: The only greatest risk of this business is that you don’t find true and honest people to work with. It is ‘the skill’ people learn willingly and then they leave at a time when you need them the most. I always try to support my employees but in past couple of years I have been through very stressful time when I had to manage multiple projects alone.

S+: How much do you enjoy owning your business and why?

Yasir Khan: I love my work and work place. Why I love it is a hard question...May be because it’s a freedom for me, to open my wings and explore all my passions.

S+: How do you balance your personal and professional life?

Yasir Khan: I always try to give my best in every aspect of my life. I believe one can achieve anything if one knows how to manage expression of life and expectations of others.

S+: What are your plans for the year 2014?

Yasir Khan: I am writing a script InshAllah; so will come up with a film.