Pakistan has become a country whose people do not believe in empathy anymore. They see suppression as their moral right, to take unfair advantage of the underprivileged section of the society. How do the militants who say they are waging a religious war or Jihad justify the killing of polio workers? These workers were doing their job, that of saving lives and thousands of children from becoming handicap. After clerics gave open statements that there was no anti-Islam element in these drops the killings continued, proving that these are no Muslims but a force working against Pakistan. As Pakistan will have to undergo a strict regulation from all countries on travel. All Pakistanis will need is medical clearance to travel anywhere in the world including Hajj.

There are a million other problems that residents of this unfortunate nation face on daily bases. Ours is a society where the supreme rule is ‘might is right’, injustice is a social norm and provision of fundamental rights is a distant dream. Women suffer at the hands of their male relatives at home, employers at workplace and, sometime, even at the hands of state, for instance, our parliament’s failure to pass the Domestic Violence Bill to protect women shows how badly women are treated.

Poor children do not go to schools because they are employed to earn a meager amount to feed their families, or their parents are ignorant, or most importantly, lack of schools and absence of teachers in rural areas.

Why have we become such a society? Who is responsible for this state of affairs? Our educational system, judicial system, culture, our parliament or the executive?

In fact, all of them, individually or collectively, are responsible for the present state of affairs in one way or other, badly failing in fulfilling their responsibilities. Corrupt and faulty judicial system, especially criminal justice system, cannot put the perpetrators and terrorists behind bars. Therefore, people turn to tribal justice system and jirga to get cheap and speedy justice. Our incompetent, corrupt elected representatives are incapable of developing any effective ‘check and balance’ system to monitor the state organs. They believe that to ensure proper  provision of basic social services to citizens is not their obligation. Ironically, many of them are part of the criminal system. And politicization of every public-related issue has deteriorated the capability of already fragile and dysfunctional institutions.

State’s utter failure on all fronts is largely attributed to the failure of three main state organs- the judiciary, executive and the legislature-  to root out the deeply entrenched socio-political conservatism and traditionalism. The outcome of this situation is the creation of a static state that is as contaminated as stagnant water and formation of a dysfunctional, disintegrated society, lacking almost all necessary tools that a dynamic society requires to fulfill its duties and responsibilities.

Consequently, the state has been passing from one crisis to another for more than six and a half decades. It is suffering from myriad problems, ranging from extremism to poverty to illiteracy and social insecurity.

The need of the hour is to review and revamp thoroughly the legislative, judicial and administrative systems and to pull the country out of the current crises and ensure proper provision of fundamental rights to everyone.


Lahore, January 9.