ISLAMABAD - Afghan President Hamid Karazi and Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif are of the considered view that both the countries have to work together to quell the menace of terrorism.

Both the leaders on Saturday have a telephonic conversation wherein host of issues including bilateral ties, further coordination and cooperation in the ongoing war against terror and the forthcoming meeting of the two leaders at the sidelines of the trilateral talks between Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey came under discussion.

Admitting the significance of trilateral forum, both the leaders agreed that the next meeting of the forum would be organised shortly in Ankara, Turkey, where the matters relating to regional peace and role of both Pakistan and Afghanistan in war on terror would be discussed. Both the sides further agreed to enhance intelligence sharing to contain the menace of terrorism and check the free movement of militants on long Pak-Afghan border.

It was further agreed that in the post-NATO withdrawal scenario both the countries should have to work together to maintain peace in the region.

Sources informed that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif assured all help to the Afghan President in dealing with the menace of terrorism and also reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to facilitate its neighbour in all respects because, according to him, a strong and stable Afghanistan was in the best interest of the country.

It was further agreed between the two sides that trade volume between the two countries should also be enhanced for the collective benefit of the peoples of both the neighbouring countries.

Sources aware of the development informed that Afghan President Karazi paid tributes to the Aitzaz Hasan Shaheed who had laid down his life and saved his fellow schoolmates from a suicide bomber who was about to blow himself up on the school premises.

There was also a mention of Afghan police officer Jan Ali who had embraced martyrdom while saving his colleagues from a suicide attacker.

Online adds: President Karzai, in a statement released by presidential palace media office in Kabul, insisted for joint campaign against the terrorism, which threatens the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Karzai also added that terrorists on the two sides of the border are looking to prevent the people of the two countries from development and promotion in their lives.