LAHORE (PR): The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Limited has recovered Rs 751.36 million of NPLs from July 01, 2013 to December 31, 2013. Out of which the NPLs cash recovery is Rs 694.65 million and in shape of transfer of properties in name of PPCBL is Rs 56.71 million, told by Syed Tallat IIussain, President /CBO of the Bank during reporting of half year performance of the Bank. He also added that Bank has launched attractive deposit scheme due to which deposit base has been increased from Rs 2704.27 million to Rs 4017.33 million. The Banks has earned handsome profits due to increase in its efficiency. The Bank has earned a profit i.e. ETB, an amount of Rs 315 million during the first half of the FY 2013-14 which is more than 20% against the previous quarter. Syed Tallat Hussain, President /CEO of the Bank has conveyed that bank has made a record recovery under Khariff-2013 till 31.012.2013 i.e. Rs. l.7b. The bank has advanced credit of Rs 1.791 billion under Rabi crop 2013.