ISLAMABAD  - The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has confiscated 298 gateways , 468 tellulars , and apprehended 96 locals and seven foreigners in last five years for involvement in grey trafficking.
According to a Ministry of Information Technology source, some 121 raids were conducted to detect the grey trafficking, saving over $5.78 million of national exchequer. Thirty-five gateways and 168 tellulars were confiscated in 25 raids in 2009, saving $2.74 million. Twenty-five locals and three foreigners were also apprehended.In 2010, PTA saved $ 2.29 million after confiscating 29 illegal gateways and 155 tellulars in 20 raids, and arrested 19 locals and three foreigners.
In 2011, PTA arrested nine locals in 20 raids and saved $0.62 million after confiscating 10 illegal gateways and 45 tellulars . In 2012, a local was arrested in only one raid for involvement in grey trafficking.In 2013, 224 illegal gateways and 100 tellulars were confiscated in 55 raids, saving $ 0.13 million.
Some 45 locals and a foreigner were arrested.
A system called Grey Traffic Mitigation System (GTMS) to block unauthorised Internet Protocol (IP) addresses became operational in October 2013. PTA has also established 24/7 call centres for general public to report international calls received showing local numbers.  The call centre can be approached through toll free 080055055; Phone 051 9207059; Fax 051-2878127 and email complaint@ pta