Allegations leveled by the state minister for water and power that some KPK ministers and other local leaders of Tehrik-e-Insaf were providing protection to the power thieves and harassing Wapda functionaries to perform their duty are very serious. This was disclosed by the state minister at a news conference at the Pesco head quarter in Peshawar on Wednesday. He threatened that in such areas either power supply will be cut off or loadshedding will be increased from 6 to 8 hours to 18 to 20 hours as punishment for the miscreants.

The allegations leveled by the state minister for water and power are very serious in nature and should be inquired into by a high powered committee constituted by the federation in consultation with the chief minister of KP and anybody found guilty, no matter his status, should be taken to task. Needless to point out that this will be a test case for Imran Khan, who a few days ago kicked out a couple of ministers on the charges of corruption.


Lahore, January 9.