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2016-05-11T20:40:37+05:00 Faizan Hussain

In literary circles Shaheena Chanda Mehtab is not an unknown name. She is a novelist and short story writer. She is more famous in monthly women’s digests. She is the author of seven Urdu novels which published in different magazines. With her gripping stories and brave characters she has a large number of fans especially in females. All her work is compiled in three books which are ‘Mohabbat Isko Kahete Hain’, ‘Ek Baar Muskara Do’ and ‘Dua’. The preface of first two books has been written by Fauzia Shafiq who is the editor of monthly magazine Hinna whereas the flip of the third book was written by senior journalist Dilawar Chaudhary.

Shaheena Chanda Mehtab is one of those writers who did not follow anyone in their writing styles. She has her own way of narrating stories and art of characterization. She portrays her characters beautifully which develops as the story progresses. She has good command over building a strong plot of her stories. Her characters are taken from the real life. While reading her stories one never feels alienated from this mortal world rather it seems it is the story of someone living around reader and he has a good acquaintance with the characters. As far as her writing style is concerned she writes short and pithy sentences. There is coherence in her narration.

Her stories are mostly about women fighting against the injustice and social conflicts. She describes their social problems which they face in day to day affairs either as house wives or as working ladies. What make her female characters distinct is that they never go beyond their social and cultural limits. They are eastern in their values and are not following blindly the western tradition. But instead of compromising on social injustice they are try to find some solutions but they are always ready to sacrifice for their families. Her every story ends with some moral which guides its readers that how to deal with social problems.

 Titles: Mohabbat Isko Kahete Hain, Ek Baar Muskara Do | Author: Shaheena Chanda Mehtab | Genre: Fiction, Short Stories | Price: Rs. 300 each | Publisher: Khazina Ilm-o-Adab

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