I fully agree with PML-Q leader Ch. Shujat Hussein’s views that the terms ‘traitor’ and ‘high treason’ should be replaced by the words ‘violator of constitution’ in case of former dictator Gen(R) Pervez Musharraf. I never endorsed the way the former general, or his predecessors from the armed forces, came into power, and extended their unlawful rule, but they were not traitors by any means, they did breach the constitution though.

The ailing commando should be told loud and clear to avail the excellent medical facilities at AFIC or any other state of the art cardiac centre of his choice in the country that he ruled for nearly a decade. This will be an unwritten certificate of his patriotism. I wonder why our politicians or high level bureaucrats fly abroad for the treatment for ailments that are well treated by competent professionals in Pakistan?

I remember one of the parliamentarian’s wives was sent to UK, along with a free rider, for her asthma treatment at taxpayers’ money in the nineteen nineties and the trip cost over Rs.800,000, quarter of a century ago. What a joke with this hapless and poor nation? This (mal)practice should stop now. Our prime Minister and his brother also go abroad for regular checkups which can easily be accommodated here on the tax-payers money!


Lahore, January 9.