As the temperature is going down continuously, the demand for fried fish, the most favourite item of winter, has been increased.

Considerable rush is being witnessed at fish outlets in different areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad including Aabpara, Melody Market, Jinnah Super, Karachi Company, F-8 Markaz, Saddar, Raja Bazar, Tench, Commercial Market and other places. Families of different social classes come to these outlets to hit the cold with various kinds of fish including Mushka, Raho, Simon, Pamphlet, Mahsher, and Lobsters.

Different types of fried fish are available in markets for Rs 700 per kg to Rs 1500 per kg.

A fried fish seller, Khalil Khan, said, “I have been doing this business for the last 26 years at Committee Chowk. The demand for fish increases every winter, therefore we earn a lot to balance our budget.”

In winter medical experts also recommend use of fish as it is packed with protein, vitamins, and nutrients that can lower blood pressure and help to reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke.