I condemn the recent attack on a magazine in France. The killing of 12 people cannot be justified. The main question many educated Muslims would like to ask the French cartoonist and the magazine is why they needed to make fun of religion? I live in a country where only 20% people are educated, but we do not have any magazine or newspaper or which makes fun of any religion. In a country with 100% literacy, with a history, a culture that transcends centuries it amazes me that anyone finds that they can and should ridicule another’s religion.

France had banned the Hijab in educational institutes a few years back but I never heard them ask their Nun’s to disrobe and stop covering their heads? Why is all hate and prejudice pointed at Muslims? What justifies this? I wish that some enlightened and educated person would explain to me as I may be living in a cave in FATA with animals?


Lahore, January 9.