Out of the 68 years of Pakistan’s existence almost half of the time the country has been under military rule. The main reason for the country’s army to take the reins in its hands has been the failure of the civilian set up to govern. This is at least what has been the stated position of the army vis-à-vis the issue. On the other hand, everyone knows that our politicians are corrupt and have created situations justifying military takeover.

In this tug-of-war for power between the Army and the elected governments, particularly during the past over five decades, image of both has been badly tarnished and the country has suffered. Even today, after having suffered enormously, it seems we haven’t learnt a lesson. The people should stand informed that some hidden hands are assiduously working to belittle Pakistan’s Army and are using them to attain this despicable objective of theirs. One may ask why would they do so, and for what? Nothing could be more appropriate than a popular quote by Adolf Hitler to answer this question. “The first step that should be taken to destroy any nation is to make its Army so mistrustful in the eyes of the people that they start considering their own saviour as their enemy.” Regardless of who is responsible and how much for tarnishing the image of the country’s army, the fact remains that under no circumstances should this extremely vital and prestigious institution of the country be subjected to criticism.


Islamabad, January 7.